All about the Inchstones

Oops, It’s been a while since I’ve updated on Imogen and her progress! Sorry guys, I promise I’ll blog more this year, it’s one of my new years resolutions.  Well she’s doing some great stuff recently so here we go.

She’s now 15 months, her eyes have recovered beautifully from her operation, and it’s been a great success. Her eyesight has improved from 20/600 to around 20/80. She is looking at more things and reacting much more to the world around her, although has a long way to go in using her sight. For example she doesn’t track smoothly, she notices the direction something goes and then moves her head to find it again rather then smoothly following.

She rolls over with ease, and can hold a 4 point kneeling position for about 30 seconds if I put her in it. She lifts her head more in tummy time and can move around the floor in a kind of caterpillar motion. She’s certainly on the move and never stays where you put her. It’s great to see and I can’t wait for her to actually crawl!




She’s working hard on sitting, and can sit unassisted for up to 2 minutes at times, though still needs to prop through her arms to stabilise herself and falls over often due to her habit of throwing her head back. There’s no real physical reason for it so we think it’s a habit left over from her first year with limited sight.

She puts everything in her mouth now, and I am so pleased as this is a precursor to eating. We had a breakthrough with eating before Christmas when out of the blue she opened her mouth for jelly, chewed, swallowed and seemingly enjoyed it! We’ve followed up with mixed success with puree. It’s slow going but the with Imogen it’s less about milestones and all about the inchstones!


Medically she’s still pretty stable. Although currently she’s battling a pretty rough chest infection, but we seem to be on our way out of it. Now she’s 1 we’ve moved her onto Neocate Jr formula which is nutritionally complete. This takes the pressure off purees as we know she’s getting everything she needs from her milk.  Her reflux is pretty well managed with medication and small regular feeds.  Her epilepsy is still a problem and we currently have a seizure weekly but they are fairly minor for now and always in her sleep.

Before Christmas we had a re-evaluation at Brainwave and they were yet again really pleased with her progress and we have a whole new plan to follow. We also visited a new therapy centre Snowdrop who create programs of development stimulation for ‘brain injured’ children. We have a new program to work on with Immy that includes coloured light, spinning, massage, brushing and various other daily activities designed to stimulate her mind in the correct way.

So our new year looks set to be busy, busy, busy with our daily therapies.

Now we just need Imogen to recover from her chest infection so we can get started!







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